RETN Deals creates a wallet for every consumer. This wallet holds your precious RETN Coins. Several government agencies have strict guidelines on KYC for cryptocurrency holders. Even if your government does not have such a mandate, RETN team is proactive in maintaining the strict policy of coin holder's identity. 

Note that RETN is currently working on becoming 100% GDPR compliant, which should also re-enforce our strict policy and governance on consumer data privacy and protection. RETN Deals does not misuse consumer data, does not sell consumer data, and does not use consumer data for any alternative marketing purposes. 

As a consumer, you receive weekly email notifications on new updates and products that are beneficial to you and are double opted by the consumer. RETN's email policies are already GDPR compliant. Read more about our privacy policy. 

Note that while you can continue transactions on RETN Deals without completing your profile 100%, you will not be able to withdraw your earned RETN unless your profile is 100% complete.