This article outlines the steps involved in withdrawing the bounty/airdrop balance from RETN.

Eligible Users

  1. Those that participated in bounties
  2. Those that participated in airdrop

Note: Refer Bounty Score Sheet to check your eligiblity status. 

Steps to claim Bounty/Airdrop

Users who have already signed up with RETN Deals can ignore the first 2 steps.

  1. Signup with RETN Deals using the same email id registered for Bounty/Airdrop.
  2. Fulfil all pre-requisite for withdrawal. 
  3. Connect your preferred wallet address from "Dashboard" page. Ensure you load this wallet address to your metamask and have enough balance for the gas to withdraw.
  4. Eligible bounty/airdrop users will see this option "Airdrop/Bounty" in the menu. (Refer the image below)

  5. Clicking that menu will show something similar to the image below (Amount may vary based on your bounty score)

  6. Click "REDEEM"
  7. It will open another modal window where you need enter the amount that you would like to withdraw from your RETN.
  8. Enter the amount, and click Confirm. It will take to withdraw page that will need metamask. Cross check the below once again before withdrawal
    • You have metamask installed on your browser
    • You have logged in to metamask
    • You have imported the same address (as you mentioned in connect your wallet) in the metamask
    • You have enough balance to bear the GAS (needed to process the transaction)

  9. Click "AGREE & REDEEM". It will open the metamask window. If you know how/what to change the values of the metamask window, you can change it. Otherwise ignore it.

  10. Click Submit. The transaction will be submitted to the network. You will be notified the status of the submission, and the relevant hash.


  1. Below error message will be shown when the confirm page is refreshed/visited directly. Do not refresh/visit the page directly
  2. Do not submit the transaction when you see warning message in metamask. You may loose all your GAS and the transaction may fail.
  3. Click "Help" and raise support ticket if you your transaction failed, or your balances are incorrect

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