This article outlines the steps involved in setting up Google Authenticator for your retn account.

If you need to withdraw your RETN balance to your connected wallet address, your profile must be completed 100%. And User Verification is one of the factor that has weight-age of 10%.

In this case the dashboard page will show the progress 90% as given in the image below

Click the Complete Profile link. It will take you to "My Profile" page where you can see something like this (when all those tabs are minimized)

Note down User Verification has cross mark next to it. Which means this is what remains to complete the profile.

Click the "User Verification", the following kind of QR Code and KEY will be presented.

If not installed, download and install Google Authenticator app on your from for android here and for iOS here.

As mentioned in the above image, ensure your phone time is properly synced with live servers.

Open the Authenticator app. Click Add (red plus button on bottom right corner of the screen), choose "Scan a barcode" and then scan the QR Code.

Google authenticator automatically adds the details on your phone, it will show some number and below to it you can notice something like RETN Deals (

You will have to enter this number in the textbox and click "GET VERIFIED". If everything is okay, you will see "Verified" message on top right corner, and your profile get completed to 100%.


Getting "Invalid Barcode" on the Authenticator

This may occur when you try to scan the barcode on your Authenticator app. 

This may occur when the phone time is not in sync with live servers. Ensure your phone is synced properly follow as per the image below

Getting Not Verified on RETN

Follow the steps below.

  1. Ensure the phone time in sync as per the above image
  2. Delete the RETN details added in your authenticator app
  3. Logout from RETN
  4. Login back and scan the code now.
  5. Should the problem persists carry out step 2 to step 4 again, and type the KEY manually than scanning the code.